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Loss Management International Pty Ltd is your solution. They are experts in quantum determination and insurance practice in Australia.

If you require the services of an independent expert, the rate for this specialist role is $495 (ex GST) per hour plus disbursements at cost. Our team comprise some of the most experienced and qualified experts in the region.  

In Paper Australia Pty Ltd v Ansell Limited [2007] VSC 484, Bongiorno J said of LMI's Prof. Allan Manning at 343:

Dr Manning’s evidence was cogent and convincing. Whilst he readily conceded the complexity of the calculations he had undertaken, I am satisfied that he took into account all those factors which he considered were relevant to those calculations. He was not shown, either by cross-examination or by reference to any convincing criticism by Mr X, the defendant’s forensic accountant, that he had made any error of principle or, for that matter, any error of calculation

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