It Will Never Happen to Me!

The Strategic Management of Crises in Business

Over 50% of businesses that suffer a major insured loss fail within 2 years of the event. Of those that survive, 25% change their insurance adviser.

As an industry, we need to do things better. This book examines why some businesses are able to, like the mythical phoenix, rise from the ashes and survive the crisis, and yet others fail. The variables for survival are identified, and a model for the successful management of a crisis from disaster to full recovery is provided. The results of the study are important to businesses to know what they need to concentrate on, with tips on what not to do. It also provides useful advice to insurers, insurance advisers and loss adjusters, and suggests issues that could be handled better by the industry to assist the insuring public when they need the insurance industry most.

Researched by one of Australia’s most experienced and highly qualified insurance and business recovery experts, Prof. Allan Manning, you will find this an informative insight into the very reason for insurance.





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