Business Interruption Insurance & Claims

A Practical Guide to Business Interruption Insurance for Business Managers, Insurance Brokers & Agents

Any business represents a valuable asset, generating an income and gross profit stream. How to insure this is not taught in any business or commerce degree, and yet getting it wrong can destroy years of hard work and astute business decisions.

This is first easy-to-read guide, which steps the reader through the points to consider in insuring the gross profit of a business. It details which expenses should be insured, and why. The vital areas of wages insurance and additional increased costs of working, are given special attention. The book also explains the process of making a claim, the basis of proof, and what information needs to be gathered from day one. Finally, the management of a crisis after it has occurred, is addressed in detail.

This book is an important tool for every insurance broker, agent, insurance practitioner or the individual charged with the insurance/risk management function of any business.





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