What's Insurance?

Mr Owl explains how insurance protects your stuff

This illustrated book, designed specifically for children, outlines the basics of general insurance, how insurance came about, and talks to children at their own level to help them to understand why insurance is so important. In addition to being an important educational tool for use in the schoolroom, for members of the insurance industry, ‘What’s Insurance’ provides you with a fun and educational book to guide your own children and grandchildren the important work that you undertake each and every day.

As a young man, the author, Prof. Allan Manning, found himself at a loss to explain to his own children, in a language they could grasp, just what his work entailed and why he was so passionate about his industry. While these children are now young adults who work in the insurance industry themselves, Prof. Manning has drawn on his experiences and his knowledge of our industry, to create this engaging insight into the complex world of insurance.





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