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16 March 2017
Fred Meuwly (Chief Financial Officer)

Good afternoon,

I want to personally thank LMI and in particular Adam Smith and Angus Stewart for your persistence and dedication in supporting my company with an insurance claim.  Your experience guided us in the meanders of the insurance procedures and logic.  Your persistence ensure we did not give up on an apparently lost cause. Your professionalism enable us to reach a very good settlement.

This was a job that took very long to come to fruition but ended well because you did not drop the ball.

Thank you

02 March 2017
Scott Winton Insurance Brokers
Steve Bello (Claims Manager)

Dear Des,

Firstly on behalf of Scott Winton insurance brokers I would like to personally congratulate you and thank you for a fantastic submission to the insurer to have a denial overturned. This has been a stressful and difficult claim which could have resulted in the favour of the insurer if we didn’t appoint LMI to manage this on behalf of Scott Winton and the insured.

Once again, my thanks to you and the whole LMI team for this exceptional result.


Steve Bello

Claims Manager

10 January 2017
Abitza Cafe and Healing Centre
Sue Williams (Owner)
I am writing with regards to my recent and ongoing dealings with Vero Insurance, The LMI Group,
Cowans and Crawford and Company.
My broker put me in contact with Mr Adam Smith, National Claims Executive at The LMI Group.
From there the process has been even easier. Adam appointed Angelo Papargiris from Cowan Restoration to assist me.
I just want to say that what could have been a very stressful, ugly situation has been handled with
complete competence and compassion and incredible professionalism. I have no hesitation in
recommending Vero Insurance, LMI Group or Crawfords and the awesome team from Cowans who
have gone above and beyond.
Many thanks and I look forward to a speedy return to business.
[This is an outtake of letter from Sue Williams]

06 January 2017
MGA Insurance Brokers
Matthew Ward (Broker)

Good afternoon Erik,

Thank you so much for your assistance in this claim and the subsequent claims since the Foodworks one.  Without your assistance,  management and counselling of our client throughout the traumatic experience, I am very confident that we wouldn’t have achieved the outcome to the level that has been.

LMI’s claims preparation offering is a bit of an untapped resource in my opinion and your service has been invaluable in both circumstances where we have utilised you this year.

So thank you very much Erik

Kind regards


21 December 2016