Risk Management International risk surveyors can provide independent advice on security.

Our team is extensively experienced in most phases of security consultant work and have conducted security surveys, also known as risk analyses, at facilities ranging from over 20,000 employees to as few as five.  In addition to programs involving physical security and security systems, executive protection and contingency planning, we have assisted in the development of specialised and, in some cases, unique security and loss control programs.  While most of our security consulting clients' have sought economical mid level security, we have also worked with high risk subjects.

Security Consulting Services Available

We provide a wide range of security consultant services, ranging from routine physical security surveys to development of executive protection programs and product adulteration contingency planning programs covered elsewhere in this site.  Additionally, we provide project specific consulting services for a variety of needs, as well as assistance and even security management during critical events and security related crisis situations.

Return on Investment

In many cases, improved physical security or more effective security programs can significantly improve the bottom line of any business, whether it's a manufacturing  facility, a retail chain, a hotel or lounge, or a corporate headquarters.  In all cases, these security consulting services can go a long way to immunize clients from adverse litigation, or at least minimise this exposure.

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