Forensic Engineering

LMI Group have developed a reputation for providing a highly effective, quality service in the field of forensic engineering. Whether you require authoritative quantification of damages or an expert witness capable of providing objective expert testimony, LMI Group can assist you.

In some instances our clients require us to give evidence in court to support our opinions. All reports provided by us, are prepared with this eventuality in mind.

LMI Group offers a comprehensive range of forensic investigation and expert evidence services in the following areas:

  • Cause investigation
  • Interpretations of building codes and standards
  • Personal injury litigation representing defendants or plaintiffs
  • Interpretations of OH&S Regulations
  • Application of building codes for liability assignment
  • Application of engineering principles for liability assignment
  • Litigation support and court testimony
  • Technical information retrieval and review
  • Testing - laboratory and field
  • Building and site investigations and surveillance
  • Compliance reports and condition reports

Forensic Engineering explained:

"The practice of Forensic Engineering is the objective investigation of conditions related to material, equipment or construction failures and accidents, including those involving human factors or catastrophic events, the technical evaluation of those conditions and the application of engineering principles to determine the cause of such failures and accidents. Full services of Forensic Engineering can include the preparation of engineering reports and service as an expert witness in matters of litigation.

In the civil engineering field, Forensic Engineers evaluate construction accidents, construction defects, vehicle accidents, structural and geotechnical failures, waterproofing and roofing failures, and flooding. Information technology has also given rise for the need for a specialist areas of forensic engineering."