Whatever the nature of the loss or stage in the claim or claim litigation process LMI Group can put a dollar value on the following types of losses:

  • Business interruption, including increased and additional increased cost of working
  • Damage to real property, inventory and contents
  • Employee dishonesty (fidelity guarantee)
  • Theft, including the Jewellers' Block
  • Professional negligence, including directors and officers liability
  • Personal injury/wrongful death
  • Product liability

As forensic accountants, our investigative mindset and understanding of insurance policies and industry practices enables us to focus our attention on key issues that can make or break a claim. Whether we are dealing with first party, third party or subrogation claims, our knowledge of the policy terms and conditions that apply to your claims adds credibility to our analysis and calculations.

Our understanding of the financial, accounting and loss issues that need to be addressed enables us to prepare or review an insurance loss claim that will stand up in court as fully documented, reliable and verifiable to a high degree of accounting certainty.